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► Any description of Momo is a short description hahahahaAHAHAH i'll make this real when I know more to put down

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Name: Lyndon
Contact: [plurk.com profile] lovebelievesin
Other Characters: None

Character Name: Momo Kisaragi
Age: 16
Species: Human (with magic snake inside her but that’s not important)
Canon: Kagerou Project
Canon Point: Manga chapter 9, at the theme park
Character Info: Character page on the wiki
Personality: Momo is generally very upbeat and positive, at least on the surface around other people. She has a lot of enthusiasm in her, and more than anything is very driven, for better or for worse. Strong-willed, as they say. She does her best to live up to other people’s expectations of her, even when it is difficult, but a lot of this drive actually comes from a place of deep uncertainty and self-doubt.

She has, as it were, strong difficulty with her own self-image as a result of the powers she has had since she was young. She is an idol! People love her, say hi to her in the street so often and with such friendliness that she is often late to school! Surely these are signs that she is talented and has earned what she has, but… what if they actually are just the result of her power to attract and keep other people’s attention? After all, her grades in school are abysmal – she gets a 2 on a science test after weeks of extra lessons – and when people pay attention to her Momo’s first instinct is generally to run away. How could anyone hold full self-confidence in light of that ability’s potential influence? She rarely lets it show, and indeed does not constantly dwell on it, but it is still an issue.

So Momo has little to nothing in the way of true friends, and rarely had until she met the Mekakushi-dan, as a result developing a very strange sense of taste and fashion outside of the idol job (which she took, mind, to help her mother). So she has a lot of passion, but very little she cares about enough to actually put it towards – or perhaps even, somewhere, the confidence to put it towards things at all, at least until she meets Kido and the Dan. She can also be mischevious and even judgmental once she gets to know people (though the latter is generally reserved for her older brother), but without friendship one sees mostly happy-go lucky optimism and a bit of airheadedness. And unless something drastic happens to prove she can still do all the things she has done without the eye power, her opinion of herself and others is unlikely to change.

Genre Preferences: Rock because it’s a slight yet interesting departure from canon, Pop because I mean she’s already an idol, Indie because “Kagerou Project? You probably haven’t heard of it…”
Choice Instrument: Given her idol status and actual attention-grabbing powers in canon, lead vocals is definitely my first choice, followed by keyboard and… guitar, sure. Things where she can be close to the action.
Rockstar Persona: So I mentioned before that Momo is an idol, right? All kinds of manufactured happy confident bubbly pop star personality? Yeah, now she’s actually that. All the awkward edges shaved off, Momo Kisaragi is now a confident and charming and upbeat pop star, popular with all kinds of age groups! As an idol should be. Her favorite foods are all much more conventional, her hobbies much less strange, and in all she is just… more saleable. That’s probably the best term for it.

Her backstory is pretty simple, just a normal girl with normal parents (who are both alive as far as she knows, and she also has no siblings why would she have siblings). Her dream has always been to sing! And through a lot of hard work (and the generosity of her record label masters executives/managers) she achieved that dream! DREAMS DO COME TRUE, KIDS! BUY HER CDS AND THEY MIGHT COME TRUE FOR YOU, TOO!
Ideal CR: Okay, I know the bands are randomly selected but the ACTUAL ideal would be to be in a band with Kido BUT. I’d really like for her to get along with her bandmates if at all possible.

Writing Sample: From another game’s test drive, but.


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